Introducing Roboza’s latest Professional High Definition CCTV ranges which offer scallable systems, reliable components, It’s suitable for small or large scale systems, industrial or commercial installations.

Multi Mega Pixel


Instead of having to install 30 Analogue cameras, 10 HD cameras can do a better job.

Power Over Ethernet


Save resources & time by eliminating electrical sockets, POE comes standard with cameras & even NVRs.

Open-Minded Systems


Roboza NVRs accept IP cameras from other brands, and selected IP cameras from Roboza support ONVIF 2.0

Full Data Protection


Security experts’ biggest nightmare is losing records due to disk crashes, Roboza solves this with built-in RAID.

Smart IR Technology


Roboza’s Smart Infrared Technology Automatically controls the IR sensitivity based on object’s distance.

Super Wide Coverage


Opt for the super wide lens option for the maximum detail capturing and minimal dead spots.

Ultra High Performance


Only superior components keep delivering beyond the warranty period, Roboza uses such components.

Designed for High Risk


Roboza systems shine in many business implementations globally, from banks to manufacturing facilities.

[Future & Past]-Proof


Upgrading an old system? You don’t have to throw away analogue cameras or cables, Roboza retrofits & adapts.

Delivers high quality images under various environmental conditions and incorporate with hi-res optical zoom, S-WDR, ICR and EIS together.

NVRs comes with built-in RAID protection and compatible with various brand network cameras compiled with ONVIF protocol.

Newly launched and features crystal clearer video quality over legacy coaxial cable. VHD DVRs also accept regular analog cameras and VHD cameras